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What is Motherboard in Mobiles

What is motherboard in mobiles? A motherboard is one of the essential parts of your mobile phone. It is a heart for your Mobile phone like CPU of a computer through which it runs. It holds together many of the crucial components of your mobile

Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering. It supplies heat to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces. A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle

What is SMD Machine

A surface-mount device or SMD is an electronic device for which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of the PCB. Surface-mount technology, or SMT, is the name of the method used for producing an SMD

What is paste flux used

Solder paste flux serves a threefold purpose: Removing any oxidized metal from the surfaces to be soldered. Sealing out air, preventing further oxidation. Improving wetting characteristics of liquid solder by facilitating amalgamation

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